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the visuals and ambient sounds in this game are really soothing and pretty, and the concept is interesting.

I'm a bit stuck atm though, without having got very far. I can't figure out how to get my spirit-character past the first spirit-blocking pillar! I can see a lever nearby but it's not accessible either directly or by shooting at it, because it's trapped under the hill. I also can't figure out how to un-spirit the character, does that only work over a fire?

You can manifest yourself again by pressing J when you're not inside any obstacles. And as a spirit, you can go through most obstacles. Including hills. Try moving around as a spirit at different heights.

thanks got it...for some reason it didn't occur to me spirits could move about at different heights, seems obvious now!

Couldn't open the game. extracted it then kept clicking on the application and it never did anything.

What operating system are you on? It only works on Windows 7+ right now.

OH. windows 10

Try downloading and running it again, I've updated it. The current build fixes a bug on some hardware so it might work for you, and now it should also always show an error message in case it crashes.

It works now...but I'm stuck. it's the level that he says "I kill myself, yet I never die"

Some levers can be activated twice.